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Why Choose Elite International School?

We believe that knowledge is a lifelong gift that every child can be guided at his or her own pace in an environment which demonstrates love, patience and acceptance. We seek a strong foundation for your children.

Digital School

Our teachers are equipped with technology that automates their boring work, enhances their productivity and makes them more powerful. Teachers can spend more quality time on what they are good at i.e. teaching.

Experienced Teachers

To constantly observe and guide the children, we have highly qualified and experienced set of caregivers. Their dedication, commitment and great love for children leaves a mark on every child and makes this a well-loved place.

Accelerated Learning

Our teachers are a catalyst that converts information from a high energy state (list of facts) to a low energy state (visual concept associated with known concepts).

Safe & Secure Environment

We are responsible for our children's welfare for the six or eight hours they are at school and we need to know without question that their safety will be paramount on the minds of teachers, faculty and volunteers.

Honing Skills with Events

We also conduct several activities wherein the children get to shape their newly developing skills such as cooperating, understanding, compassion and care for them as well as for those that are around them. Honing skills with field trips, festival celebrations and more

Superior Hygiene

A clean and germ-free environment at all times


Elite International School is a renowned school designed using the highest international standards, to meet the needs of parents who seek nothing but the best for their little one.